Sneaker Venom

Sneaker Venom Sneaker Venom

The Best Shoe Cleaner On The Planet

You love your sneakers and want to keep them clean, but there’s also a part of you that needs to know your shoe cleaner won’t damage your shoes or the planet you walk on.

Sneaker Venom is a natural foaming solution that cleans and conditions your sneakers. It removes dirt and stains without the harsh chemicals and detergents that are found in other shoe cleaning products.

Sneaker Venom is made from the organic oils of coconuts and jojoba plants. These natural oils are turned into soap using a nifty process called saponification. We make Sneaker Venom here in the U.S.A. and we made sure it’s biodegradable.

​Because Sneaker Venom is natural, you can use it to clean all of your shoes. It’s safe to use with different materials including cloth, canvas, leather, mesh, rubber, nylon and even suede!

​Sneaker Venom is easy to use;
Wet brush.
Apply sneaker Venom to brush and scrub shoes thoroughly.
Wipe shoes with a clean towel.
Let shoes air dry.

​Whether you’re a sneaker enthusiast, or you just want your shoes to last a long time, you’ll be happy to use Sneaker Venom Shoe Cleaner & Conditioner. Keep your shoes like new, feel good about using a natural sneaker cleaner, and wear your kicks with pride.

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